How To Choose The Best Washing Machine In India

Yes, the customer is always the king. He/she has remained so since ancient times. At present, when you go to the market for a shopping event with your spouse, there are many options. It is a challenge to find the best appliance that suits your family needs. In electronic appliances, washing machine occupies a prime slot in an urban home. Our loyal readers of UA had asked several questions. The topic – how to choose the best washing machine in India. Well, the content of the article does not intend to be a buying guide. But it lays some facts which may help you choose the most reliable washing machine. And as a bonus, we have also given information on some of the top brands in washing machines. We also offer a simple solution on how to hire the best washer dryer professional for maintenance via UA SERVICE.

1. Drum/Tub Material

The tub main component is stainless steel, plastic or porcelain enamel. The plastic tub washing machine lasts longer because it can withstand rust. But consider the other factors. The stainless steel tubs are the best, because of their ability to withstand speeds of high spin. In short, their durability stands the test of action.

2. Wash settings

You can change the water level. You can also opt for gentle wash alternatives in case of soft clothes. In recent washing machines, you can not only customize the need but also save the settings. You have the touch screen, rotary controls or touchpad. But it is a surprise, the washing machine with the recent updates can also have the cheapest price. This factor is important to choose the best washing machine in India.

3. Spin Cycle

You can use this feature to dry clothes. The calculation is done at the rate of revolutions per minute. The number of revolutions, the lesser time it will take to dry the clothes. It will also depend on the cloth type. As per a survey, for soft clothes, it is 300 to 500 rpm. For thick clothes, it is 1000 rpm.

4. Fuzzy Logic

Many washing machine models have this feature. It is a design from the manufacturer to select the required conditions automatically based on the quality of clothes. There are also other factors it takes to account such as weight of the laundry, time, amount of detergent and water required to clean the load. If you are a novice and have recently bought this washing machine, then you need not worry about programming the settings.

5. Temperature control

You can regulate the water temperature.  But only if the appliance has an in-built heater. In winter, this feature assumes prominence. Hot water can clean the clothes in a better way than its opposite, cold water. You can find various washing machine models with steaming facilities. This feature better helps to clean dirt and stains.

In this article on how to choose the best washing machine service in Bangalore, many prefer the front loading washing machine based on efficiency and performance. Mention the name washing machine with a brand, you cannot help but get reminded of Samsung washing machine or Whirlpool washing machine. But the competitors are not far behind. So you can get the names such as LG, Bosch, IFB, Onida and Panasonic. UA Service is the answer for customers staying in Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. With verified vendors and having experienced handyman professionals (even washing machine repair technicians)  in its customer care team, UA SERVICE has set standards in home maintenance services. You can place a request via the app for repair or maintenance of any of your electronic appliance.


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